The Online Penalty Deposits Spreadsheet is easy to use

  1. Enter the address of your project location, in any format, in the box provided below.
  2. Click on “Locate Address.”
  3. Click on “Legend” to open the color-coded map to identify the Drainage Basin in which your project is located.
  4. A house icon will appear on the map.  You can move the icon by clicking the new location on the map.  If your the address you entered cannot be found you can click anywhere on the map to place the house icon. When done click the "X" at the top of the map to close it.
  5. When you close the map the Penalty Deposit Spreadsheet opens to reveal all of the information that you will need to determine the Penalty Funds for which your project is eligible. The Drainage Basin for your address will also display on the page. The order numbers are links to the posted Secretary's Orders.
  6. Select the violations that you will claim as Revenue for your project.
  7. Complete the chart provided in the Application Cover Sheet.